july2012The Education team is in charge of creating education materials for the communities in Peru to learn about our project and who we are, and educating our team on the culture of the communities we are working with. As a group, we must realize the significance of our actions and always treat education as something where we don’t teach at people, but work with them to learn together. Education is a shared experience that is a relationship more than a direct action. We make an effort to always be respectful of the cultures we work with, and understand that while we may know certain things, we do not have the answers to everything nor do we know everything. Our knowledge is valuable, but so is that of community members.

The Education team makes education materials that explain the science and importance of the chapter’s involvement to the communities we work in. The Education team takes a holistic approach that draws from many fields that include but are not limited to sociology, art, biology, political science, and education.jan2012

In addition to authoring and illustrating coloring books, posters, and pamphlets, the team also creates lesson plans for community science demonstrations and shows to help convey new concepts. Although past Education projects have been mostly paper-based, future projects look at using new and different educative techniques.