The EWB rainwater team specializes in designing and implementing sustainable rainwater harvesting systems to provide safe drinking water in areas where groundwater is contaminated. Since its creation in 2012, the rainwater catchment team has designed a system for a kindergarten in Carancas, Peru, which was constructed in January 2013. It has also designed a rainwater catchment system for the Quivillaca Primary School in Huatta, Peru, which will be implemented in the summer of 2013.


1546210_721830931174365_547695032_nEach rainwater catchment design requires diverse applications of science, design, and engineering principles. In the design phase we consider water demand, precipitation data, tank sizing and placement, water disinfection, seismic analysis, concrete loading, cost analysis, and construction management, in addition to many other aspects of design. The rainwater catchment team is a great way to gain hands on experience in design and engineering from a group of energetic members and professional mentors.